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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Colorado Women Wear Blue Lipstick (OK, not really)

Make no mistake. Your powerful contributions to Colorado Women Against Palin were crucial to being able to wear ear-to-ear smiles today. You should feel great that you were an active part of history. Now we all have stories to tell our children and grandchildren someday.

It's been a wild ride, eh? As Jenn mentioned, that first protest in Golden seven weeks ago seems like ages ago. We've done so much: protesting Palin in Golden, Centennial and Loveland; protesting in wind and rain at McCain's "women's town hall" in downtown Denver and getting clobbered by McCain's supporters at the Western Arena rally; rallying at Babies R Us in Westminster and Belmar shopping center; two VP debate parties and then finally, the capstone at the Boulder Theater last night.

As you well know, last night was filled with tears attempting to express the thousand emotions we were all feeling. And how wonderful it is to be an American! When you look at the voting statistics of our precious state, know that it couldn't have done it without you.

Boulder 73%

Denver 75%

Broomfield 55%

Larimer 54%

Adams 58%

Arapahoe 55%

Jefferson 54%

Pueblo 56%


We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and feel incredibly grateful to have gotten to know you intelligent, passionate and sassy women in this historic experience. And hang on to those "Lipstick" t-shirts. Our favorite Alaskan governor plans to run again in 2012!

Michelle, Mad, Kir, KC & Meg

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today's the day.

The polls are open from 7 to 7. If you haven't already voted, get out there and do your part to elect Barack Obama as our next president!!!

And if you have already voted, please give some time today to the Obama/Biden campaign and your local Democratic party. We still need people to make get-out-the-vote calls, shuttle refreshments to voters in (anticipated) long lines and to volunteers at the polling places, and handle other important GOTV tasks. Go to www.mybarackobama.com to find information about volunteering locally, or try www.coloradodems.org to find information on your local Democratic Party's efforts.

Let's turn Colorado blue, people!

PS: Hope to see you at the Boulder Theatre tonight - some of us won't get there until 8 or so, but we'll be there in our Co-WAP t-shirts!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mandatory Rejection of Sarah Palin

An excellent piece by Bob Cesca in the Huffington Post on our favorite VP candidate!

"Next Wednesday at this time, it's entirely possible that we'll see the last of Sarah Palin on the national stage. At least for now.

Sure, she's provided us with a bottomless cup of blogging material and, more importantly, she's a huge drag on the McCain campaign. And this week, with the Conga line of McCain campaign insiders dishing out leak after delicious leak about Palin, the slow-motion McTrain-wreck has been especially entertaining. But ultimately, the schadenfreude and the
hilariously inexplicable interviews are merely distractions from the truly awful things that Sarah Palin represents.

...It turns out, the only thing that's actually working for the McCain campaign is the daily inciting of rage, fear and hatred among the easily-led gomers lined up outside of Sarah Palin's rallies. I repeat. The one thing that appears to be working nicely for Sarah Palin and John McCain right now is the really evil and divisive stuff.

And we simply can't allow Sarah Palin's fear-mongering -- her Neo-McCarthyism and her Neo-Southern Strategy -- to ultimately be the one successful thing about this otherwise laughable McCain campaign. We can't let this be the one thing that might win the election for the Republican ticket.

...So irrespective of what the polls look like, we have no choice but to show up en masse and unequivocally reject Republicans like Sarah Palin -- hurling them onto the slagheap of history next to Orange Alerts, HUAC and the Willie Horton ad. Imagine what an undisputed electoral victory would say to Republican strategists like Bill Kristol who suggested to John McCain that
the easiest path to victory was the politics of fear. Imagine the eardrum-bursting shockwaves a massive Obama victory would send through the heads of the McCain operatives who fed the "domestic terrorist" attacks into Sarah Palin's empty dome."

Colorado is going to go Blue! and reject McCain and Palin's hate-filled campaign. But everyone needs to do their part. With only 6 days left, make sure you've voted! Volunteer to help with the big GOTV push. And donate through tomorrow! It's not too late! You still have a real chance to make a difference in this election!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Reachout to your circle - it is not too late.

Co-WAP supporter Jill attended the McCain protest (and McCain's speech) on Friday. Afterward, she sent this letter to her circle of family and friends. It is a pretty powerful letter, and we encourage you all to reach out to those in your circle who might still be undecided, or who might still be open to changing their vote to Obama. We also really appreciate Jill's ultimate message - regardless of who you're supporting in this election, and regardless of who wins, we have our work cut out for us to heal this country.

The above link is video of a John McCain rally I attended this morning in Denver. Before I went in to hear McCain speak, I stood outside with Obama supporters who were standing (completely lawfully of course) near the line of people going into the event (which was free and open to the public). I and the other Obama supporters were holding pro-Obama signs, and one person had a lifesize cardboard figure of Obama. Someone had a video camera and filmed the reaction we got - see the above link.
Some things you shouldn't miss on the video:

-- The family at the beginning with the young girl acting like a monkey. You have to listen carefully, but what the young girl says, referring to the cutout of Obama, is: "A monkey president. A monkey from Tarzan. That's a monkey from Tarzan."

-- The man punching the head of the Obama cutout.

-- The man calling the Obama figure: "Hussein. President Hussein" (followed by his wife saying to us: "You make me sick").

-- The woman saying (referring to the Obama cutout): "He needs a rag on his head."

-- The woman saying to us (the Obama supporters): "You need turbans."

-- The numerous people referring to the Obama cutout as "Osama."

-- The so-called Christian man saying: "The important thing is God may not be on my side, but Satan is on your side."

What the camera didn't capture was the man who came up to me and said: "You're white. Why are you voting for Obama?" Quite startled, I responded: "Well, sir, I'm not a racist." This set him off. And when I say "set him off" - I mean set him off. We ended up having to call 911. (The police, by the way, were extremely nice.)

The camera also missed the young man - with "Jesus Christ" on his t-shirt - who came up and said: "Obama is the closest thing yet to the Anti-Christ." (I don't attend church regularly anymore, but I know for sure such hatred is not what Jesus Christ was all about.)

I realize that some of these people were probably unstable. But they couldn't ALL have been (and if they were, we really need to increase public funding for mental health services)! The whole thing shocked and saddened me. The saddest was the young girl who was clearly being brought up as a racist. A close second were the so-called Christians citing their religious beliefs as they spewed hate and intolerance.
So why am I sending this (my first mass e-mailing ever)? Because I think people should see the ugly underbelly of America. I thought such people were few and far between. My eyes were certainly opened today.

If you're on this list and are voting for Obama, good for you. If you're on this list and are voting for McCain, good for you. I know you're voting for McCain for the right reasons (because you agree with him on the issues, like his background, etc.). If you were voting for McCain for the reasons of the people on the video, you wouldn't be on my e-mail list! But if any of you happen to run into McCain supporters who are like the people on the video, please don't stand by silently. Call them on their ignorance, particularly their racism. Whether it's Obama or McCain who wins in 11 days, fair-minded people like you and I know America is better than the ugliness shown on the video.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Videos from Today's Protest in Denver

Warning: these videos are awful. No, these were not filmed in the South. Right here in the heart of Denver, my friends. You'll see why we were so disturbed and disheartened afterward. The McCain/Palin supporters blurt out nasty, racist comments.

You'll see that they call us/him communists, socialist, turban-wearers, Muslims, etc. They even call Obama a monkey president - pay close attention to the kids doing the monkey dance. Spread this video around.

Here's another one too. If you watch and listen closely, you'll see me trying to get a guy to back off of us.

Fear or Hope - Election 2008

Wow. All I can say is wow. Well, maybe a little more...

My alarm went off at 5:15a. I pillow-hugged for another 15 minutes then jumped into the shower and started to think about the day ahead of me. Yes, I was going to protest McCain first then run off to start a busy day of work.

Even in the car with Mad I thought it would be just another peaceful protest. Just like the 8 or so we'd already had. Yeah, there'd be people who'd shout "baby killer" and slip snide comments in but these people were angry, nasty and down right vicious.

Hey, I'm not a experienced political protester; I'm not a paid activist. I'm a professional, educated businesswoman who just cares about this country and wants to do her part in making sure Obama, the right answer for this country, is rightfully elected.

Since I started what is now known as Colorado Women Against Palin five weeks ago, I've learned a lot about the process, our rights and how to activate people's passion productively. But what I've also learned is a frightening dark side to humanity and "real" Americans.

This election has gotten heated and as the McCain campaign continues to flails, the RNC and its supporters have gotten more and more desperate. Does desperation bring out the timid, hidden racist? Yes, I'm afraid it does.

Our previous protests have all been without incident. In fact, the police were very good at protecting us. But as you can see in the above photo, we were verbally and nearly physically attacked. Where were the police? (they never did help us) I called 911 to get this man off of us. He was grabbing at our signs and pushing us around; not understanding that this was not "his" rally as he kept saying but ours. We are all part of the process and that's what's (supposed to be) beautiful about democracy.

I still believe it's beautiful and I'm optimistic that America will one day be the true UNITED States of America that our forefathers wanted but Palin and McCain need to quit dividing us into "real" Americans and "anti-Americans". This crowd clearly bought into the GOP's rhetoric and repeated things like "Obama's a Muslim" or "Obama's a terrorist" or "he was born in Kenya", "socialist" (the new buzz word) and "communist" (retro buzz word).

They eat up fear like candy; stealing another bite whenever possible. The difference, in my opinion, is that those of us holding the signs embrace a completely different emotion than those standing in line - HOPE.

And that's what this election has boiled down to. Do you vote on fear or do you vote on hope?

Check out these media links. There are more to come, I'm sure.






[excerpt from the Colo. Independent's liveblog:]
9:44 a.m. -
This reporter just spotted a woman wearing a t-shirt that read “Lipstick is not a vice-presidential qualification.” I wonder if the person wearing it thought this the Obama rally in Denver on Sunday? Maybe she is planning some type of outburst when McCain comes on stage. When McCain came to the University of Denver in June a number of protesters were escorted out after rising out of their seats and screaming for the end to the war in Iraq.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Palin Plunge

It's a big week for our favorite VP candidate! First, the RNC has spent $150,000 dollars on Mrs. Joe Six Pack's hair and clothing in the last 2 months. Clearly this is a woman in touch with the average American.

Next, Palin will give a deposition for the Troopergate investigation by the Alaska Personnel Board. Palin was already found to have violated ethics laws in her attempt to get her former brother-in-law fired.

Also in Pittbull news, Palin apparently charged her state for expenses incurred for her children's travel. Often to events where they were not invited, and sometimes to events which were not state business at all.

The charges included costs for hotel and commercial flights for three
daughters to join Palin to watch their father in a snowmobile race, and a trip
to New York, where the governor attended a five-hour conference and stayed with
17-year-old Bristol for five days and four nights in a luxury hotel.

In all, Palin has charged the state $21,012 for her three daughters' 64
one-way and 12 round-trip commercial flights since she took office in December
2006. In some other cases, she has charged the state for hotel rooms for the

This week, many newpapers and prominent figures, including Colin Powell have spoken out against McCain and Palin and thrown their support behind Obama/Biden. The Daily Kos has a great round-up of these stories. And The Huffington Post has a fantastic summary of the Palin Plunge!

From The Chicago Tribune:

McCain failed in his most important executive decision. Give him credit for choosing a female running mate--but he passed up any number of supremely qualified Republican women who could have served. Having called Obama not ready to lead, McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. His campaign has tried to stage-manage Palin's exposure to the public. But it's clear she is not prepared to step in at a moment's notice and serve as president. McCain put his campaign before his country.
From the LA Times:
Indeed, the presidential campaign has rendered McCain nearly unrecognizable. His selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate was, as a short-term political tactic, brilliant. It was also irresponsible, as Palin is the most unqualified vice presidential nominee of a major party in living memory. The decision calls into question just what kind of thinking -- if that's the appropriate word -- would drive the White House in a McCain presidency. Fortunately, the public has shown more discernment, and the early enthusiasm for Palin has given way to national ridicule of her candidacy and McCain's judgment.
From The Oregonian:
Supporting her, McCain has offered the equally jaw-dropping claim that Sarah Palin knows more about energy than anyone else in the United States. Having Palin a heartbeat from the presidency makes our own heart miss a beat.
Ours too! Despite all these problems, Palin is still drawing HUGE crowds and has a ton of support from conservative voters. We're under the two week mark! Please do your part to make sure this woman is not our next Vice President! Come rally with us Friday when McCain speaks in Denver. Volunteer at your local Obama headquarters. Talk to your neighbors. And most importantly, VOTE! Early voting has opened and it's still not too late to request an absentee ballot!

Another Co-WAP Hero!

Jill, one of our active supporters, attended Todd Palin's "meet & greet" in Denver yesterday. Here's her account of the experience:

I met Todd Palin yesterday, who was appearing at the Bass Pro Shop in north Denver. I got there about 20 minutes early and joined the sparse "crowd" waiting to meet the First Dude (which crowd included royalty - "Mrs. Wheatridge" - complete with sash). A reporter from USA Today spotted my Obama button and wanted to know why I was there. I told her I was there to see if I could "learn something" (repeating what Sarah Palin had said the day before as security removed an Obama supporter from her rally in Loveland). I told her I wanted to learn more about SP's "associations," particularly her association with a former member of the Alaskan Independence Party, a radical anti-American group. Again using SP's own words, I said I wanted to "call her out" on who she "pals around with." I also explained why I was supporting Obama.
The big moment arrived, and Todd Palin descended the grand wooden staircase near the fish tank. Cameras flashed, dogs barked (really), and people cheered. As I told my good friend, Mad., he's better looking in person (very, actually) than he is in pictures. He gave a short speech, encouraging those present to be sure to "get all their huntin' and fishin' buddies out to vote for his wife." My favorite part was when he said he wished he'd asked his wife a few more questions before agreeing to get involved in the whole VP-candidate thing. But, he explained further, when his wife wants to do something, he just gets out of the way!
After his speech, he started signing autographs, and I went up to him. He smiled and shook my hand. I asked him if he still believed that Alaska should vote on whether to secede from the United States (the official goal of the Alaskan Independence Party; check out their website, if you don't believe me: www.akip.org). He was startled and shot back, "I've never believed that." Why then, I asked, had he joined a group that believed that? He looked down at the printout I had in my hand from the Party's website, and recognized what it was. He started jabbing his finger at the paper, saying, "Do you see my name on that? Do you see my name on that?" I said, "Well, the chair of this group says you were a member." Again he said (pretty agitated at this point), "Do you see my name on that?" Then he turned his back on me and resumed shaking hands with the more admiring members of the crowd. My only regret was that I hadn't thought to bring along the page from the website that does indeed have his name on it (acknowledging his former membership in the party). He never did explain why he had joined the Party if he did not agree with their clearly stated goal (again, check the website, if you don't believe me).
By the way, the website page I did bring along prominently featured the following quote from the founder of the Alaskan Independence Party: "I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America and her damned institutions."
Pretty shocking who Sarah Palin pals around with!
We are still looking for media coverage of Todd Palin's event and will link to it when we find it!